A New Family Member

In 2012 Nexus became a part of the Garmin family
adding knowledge and superior products for the
sailing market to the Garmin marine product lineup.

The NX range - precision instruments for sail and power

You might not be battling around the buoys every weekend, but you still deserve the very best in marine instrumentation. For too long the racing boats have had a monopoly on stylish design, top quality displays and the latest in computer and networking technology. It’s time to level the playing field.

Nexus NX instrumentation offers cruising yachtsmen an entrylevel system that combines precision, elegant styling and top quality displays with a flexibility that allows your system to grow with you as your needs and ambitions develop.

While the NX system has a race boat pedigree, the system is designed to be quick to set up and simple to operate. Cabling has been kept to an absolute minimum, in fact done away with altogether as far as the wireless wind transducer is concerned, to keep installation as easy as possible.

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Nexus NX2

Racing and cruising now have one thing in common - precise information

While analogue instruments continue to play a vital role in navigation, due to the immediate impact they have on the visual senses, the majority of today’s sailors rely on digital displays for their essential information. Only digital can supply the level of precision needed to monitor minute changes in important variables, often down to as little as one hundredth of a unit.

The Nexus NX2 system takes this advantage a stage further by linking all its digital instruments with a network. The benefit is that when new settings are keyed into one digital instrument, all the other instruments on the network receive the information simultaneously. This is especially handy when a sailor wants to add trim values, activate lighting, clear the trip metre or calibrate instruments.

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Nexus System
Nexus NXR

The Nexus NXR new generation - for sailors who demand the best

The NXR racing instrumentation system is the ultimate in integrated networking for sailors who demand the best. It delivers fast update speeds of 8Hz and a range of displays that allows both racing and cruising crews to select a data combination that will meet their exact requirements.

The Nexus NXR new generation enables you to monitor load cells and to make a Nexus complete integrated system for your racing boat improving your performance. The NXR new generation with the adBOX (analogue digital) and the nWIND also enables weight savings thanks to an innovative wiring technology. One of the new features of the NXR range is also the new bonded NXR Multi Control displays, avoiding any moisture behind the screen even in the worst conditions.

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Nexus Wind Transducers

Wind Transducers - superior twin-fin technology and excellent linearity

Nexus has left nothing to chance. The best displays that money can buy will not make up for low-grade information sent from sub-standard sources, which is why Nexus has always paid special attention to the design and production of its transducers.

Our wind transducers are all based on the same twin-fin technology. It features a three-bladed propeller and double wind vanes, which are toed in to give extremely good stability in both low and high wind speeds. The three-bladed propeller, unlike the more common cups design, is always 100% efficient. That, together with the optic reading technique, makes Nexus transducers superior at low wind speeds and also provides for excellent linearity. What’s more, all our wind transducers are mounted on a carbon arm for more resistance and durability.

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